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1 a member of a people living in southern Benin and Togo and southeastern Ghana
2 a Kwa language spoken by the Ewe people in Ghana and Togo and Benin
3 female sheep

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etyl ang eowu, from , from



  1. A female sheep, as opposed to a ram.

Usage notes

  • Because of its pronunciation and despite its spelling, this word most commonly takes the definite article a rather than an.




Because of its pronunciation, ewe and its homophone you are the only homophone pair in modern English that share no letters in their spelling in common.

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  1. Ewe (language)

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Partlet, bellwether, biddy, bitch, bossy, brood mare, cow, doe, ewe lamb, filly, guinea hen, gyp, heifer, hen, hind, jenny, jumbuck, lamb, lambkin, lioness, mare, mutton, nanny, nanny goat, peahen, ram, roe, she-bear, she-goat, she-lion, sheep, slut, sow, teg, tigress, tup, vixen, wether, yeanling
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